Panel discussion to mark the launch of a special issue of feminists@law on The Future of Legal Gender:  Exploring the Feminist Politics of Decertification.  19 Jan 2021. 

This virtual panel discussion, jointly hosted with the Centre for Sexuality, Race and Gender Justice (SeRGJ) at the University of Kent, marked the  launch of a special issue of feminists@law on the project’s research to date.   The event reflected on some of the questions raised by the special issue and by the project more broadly, including: 

  • what would be the implications in Britain, for feminism, of no longer having a legal sex registered at birth?
  • could single-sex provision continue with loose and porous categories?
  • do wider publics want the law reformed?
  • is gender-neutral legislation beneficial; and what might it look like?
  • are there feminist risks in treating gender as a private aspect of selfhood?

The podcast is 66 minutes.  A lively question and answer session followed but was not recorded (for confidentiality reasons).  A big thank you to the 106 people who joined us on the day.   

0.00 – Donatella Alessandrini (SerGJ) – introduction to the research group and the event

3.50 – Davina Cooper on the project and the challenges of and concerns around decertification

20.10 – Flora Renz on the challenges of single-sex provision in conditions of decertification, focusing on schools

35.12 – Elizabeth Peel (Loughborough) on cisgenderism and endosexism, focusing on survey responses.   Click here for powerpoint slides.

51.33 – Emily Grabham on the history and politics of non-gendered legislative drafting