Upcoming Events 

4 Dec 2020.  Prefiguring law: the politics of experimenting with feminist law reform.  Davina Cooper will be speaking as part of the Law Gender Bodies Text online discussion series, hosted by Valeria Venditti (UCC) every Friday 4-5pm from 13 Nov to 11 Dec 2020.   Click here to reserve your ticket/s on Eventbrite.

19 Jan 2021.   Panel discussion to mark the launch of a special issue of feminists@law on The Future of Legal Gender:  Exploring the Feminist Politics of Decertification.   This panel discussion, jointly hosted with the Centre for Sexuality, Race and Gender Justice (SeRGJ) at the University of Kent, marks the recent launch of a special issue of feminists@law on our research.  The Future of Legal Gender research group will discuss prominent contemporary questions on the feminist politics of sex and gender, and invite comments, questions and discussion from participantsThis is an open event, please register via Eventbrite.

Past Events

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