We will be hosting a number of events during the course of the project, and  also be engaging in public debates and policy developments.  The project will conclude with the launch of one or two proposed draft bills, representing the legal frameworks that appear most promising, to stimulate further policy discussion and public engagement, and an academic symposium.

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Upcoming Events (reverse order)


Healthy debate? Surveying divergent perspectives on sex/gender and health/wellbeing.  International Society of Critical Health Psychology conference. Bratislava.  15-17 July 2019.  

Paper presented by Elizabeth Peel and Han Newman.  For ISCHP conference details, visit here.

The Regulation of Non-binary Identities and the Future of Legal Gender. UCU LGBT+ Research Conference.  University of Manchester.  17 May 2019.

Paper presented by Flora Renz.   For Conference details, visit here.

Roundtable on the Future of Legal Gender Project.  Socio-Legal Studies Association. 2019 Annual Conference. Leeds. 3 April 2019.

Roundtable presented by Davina Cooper, Robyn Emerton, Emily Grabham and Flora Renz. For SLSA conference details, visit here.

Making Up a World: Prefiguration, Play and the Enactment of New Facts.  King’s College London.  13 March 2019. 

Inaugural lecture by Davina Cooper.  6.30-8.30pm (including drinks reception).  Safra Lecture Theatre.  For further details and free registration visit Eventbrite.

A Very Binary Drama: The Conceptual Struggle for Gender’s Future.  University of Sussex.  6 March 2019.

Public lecture by Davina Cooper.  3-5 pm.  Fulton Lecture Theatre A. For further details and free registration  visit Eventbrite.

Gender, Craft, Law and Politics:  Notes for an Enthnography of Legislative Drafting. University of Oxford.  25 Feb 2019. 

Seminar by Emily Grabham.  4.30-6pm.  Hosted by the Law Faculty’s Centre for Socio-Legal Studies.  Manor Road Building.  Seminar Room G.  For further details and registration visit here.

Older People’s Attitudes to Gender.   University of Malta. 21 Feb 2019.

Public lecture by Elizabeth Peel, 5.30pm-8pm.   Lecture Theatre 2.  For further details visit here.  Alternative publicity here.

Past Events

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