We have published a range of materials during the the project which are aimed at a wide range of audiences.

Special issue on The Future of Legal Gender:  Exploring the Feminist Politics of Decertification in 10(2) feminists@law. 

All papers and commentaries in the special issue are available at 10(2) feminists@law in Word, PDF and HTML formats.   Links below are to PDFs only.

      1. Cooper, D., Grabham, E. and Renz, F.  (2020) “Introduction to the Special Issue: Exploring the Feminist Politics of Decertification.”  10(2) feminists@law.
      2. Cooper, D. and Emerton, R. (2020). “Pulling the thread of decertification: What challenges are raised by the proposal to reform legal gender status?” 10(2) feminists@law.  With commentaries by Ruth Fletcher and Ambreena Manji.
      3. Renz, F. (2020) “The challenge of same sex provision: How many girls does a girls’ school need?” 10(2) feminists@law.   With commentaries by C.L.Quinan and Jennifer Fraser.
      4. Peel, E. and Newman, H.  (2020). “Gender’s Wider Stakes: Lay Attitudes to Legal Gender Reform.” 10(2) feminists@law.   Plus commentaries by Kath Browne and Shona Hunter.
      5. Cooper, D. (2020).  “Taking Public Responsibility for Gender: When Personal Identity and Institutional Feminist Politics Meet”. 10(2) feminists@law.   Plus commentaries by Sumi Madhok and Vanessa Munro.
      6. Grabham, E. (2020).  “Exploring the Textual Alchemy of Legal Gender: Experimental Statutes and the Message in the Medium”.  10(2)feminists@law.  Plus commentaries by Alain Pottage and Helen Xanthaki.

Journal Articles and Blog Posts

Cooper, D. (2023) De-producing gender: the politics of sex, decertification and the figure of economy. Feminist Theory 14647001221148639.

Cooper, D. (2022). What does gender equality need? Revisiting the formal and informal in feminist legal politics. Journal of Law and Society 49(4), 800-823.

Cooper, D. (2022). Decertification: Researching a Prefigurative Law Reform Proposal. Legalities 2(2), 133-149.

Newman, H.J.H. & Peel, E. (2022) ‘An impossible dream’? Non-binary people’s perceptions of legal gender status and reform in the UK, Psychology & Sexuality.

Renz, F. and Cooper, D. (2022) “Reimagining Gender Through Equality Law: What Legal Thoughtways Do Religion and Disability Offer?” Feminist Legal Studies

Cooper, D. (2020) “Towards an adventurous institutional politics: the prefigurative ‘as if’ and the reposing of what’s real”.  The Sociological Review.  Open access: click here.

Cooper, D. (2019) “A very binary drama: The conceptual struggle for gender’s future”.  9(1) feminists@law.

Cooper, D. (2019) “Beyond the current gender wars”. IPPR Progressive Review 25(4): 393-403

Renz, F.  (2019).  Fluctuating Intensities: Thinking about gender through other socio-legal categories.    SLSA blog post. 

Preliminary Publications

Cooper, D. and  Renz, F. (2016) “If the state decertified gender, what might happen to its meaning and value?”. Journal of Law and Society 43(4): 483-505.

Cooper, D. (2015) “Bringing the utopian into our gender politics”. Social Politics and Stuff.  25 January 2015.  

Grabham, E. (2016) “Time and technique: the legal lives of the 26-week qualifying period” Economy and Society 45: (3-4) 379-406 .