We are delighted to announce a new short-series podcast featuring discussions with project members providing an overview of their research findings.

Episode 1 is with Dr Flora Renz who discusses strand one of the project. How does equality law manage gender-specific sites? Is there a distinction between what law formally provides and how it is working out on the ground? How would gender-specific sites operate in conditions of decertification, where sex/gender no longer form components of legal personhood?

Read more about Flora’s work on single-sex spaces, ‘The Challenge of Same Sex Provision: How Many Girls Does a Girls’ School Need?’, an essay with feminists@law (2020) available here.


Episode 2 with Flora Renz discusses the broader implications and challenges of decertifying legal sex/gender. If we didn’t have a legal sex/gender, how would single-sex schools or service providers continue to work? How can decertification, and law more generally, tackle gender and other forms of social inequality? What can a future-oriented research project offer to conversations around more traditional forms of law reform?

We previously recorded a podcast to mark the launch of a special issue on ‘The Future of Legal Gender: Exploring the Feminist Politics of Decertification’ which is available to read here.