We will be publishing a range of materials during the course of the project.  These materials will be aimed at academic and non-academic stakeholders and the general public. At the conclusion of the project, we will present one or two draft bills of the legal frameworks that appear most promising from a feminist perspective, as a focus for further policy discussion and public engagement.

Preliminary Publications

Davina Cooper and Flora Renz (2016) “If the state decertified gender, what might happen to its meaning and value?”. Journal of Law and Society 43(4): 483-505.

Davina Cooper (2015) “Bringing the utopian into our gender politics”. Social Politics and Stuff.  25 January 2015.  

Emily Grabham (2016) “Time and technique: the legal lives of the 26-week qualifying period” Economy and Society 45: (3-4) 379-406 .